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An internal digital workspace where members of your organization can access forms, submit reports and paperwork, and locate your organization important documents. A must have for a growing organization and staff.   
Process & Procedure: 
Tired of your organization's team having 5 different ways of doing things? Gain control of your verbal how & when to do's by allowing me to create a process and procedure. I will sit with you and your team to hash out proper process and procedure and produce a digital & hard copy that your entire time can easily access proper protocol. Have your team working and reporting more efficiently within 30days. 
Process & Procedure Organization 
If you already have your process down, but want it digitized or organized, I will help make on-boarding for new hires and volunteers  professional, easy, and consistent.
 Phone Line/Email Set up
Need individual emails and phone line extensions at a low cost? Gain control of confidential information by switching from private emails, to a corporate style format at a quarter of the price. Help your organization gain a professional touch quick, easy to work more efficiently. 
    Admin & Staff Training 
Need your staff up-trained on how to use the newest and latest gadgets & tech? Call me and to schedule a consult to determine what training and apps best suit your current needs. 
 DNS Marketing Solutions also does 
External/Internal Survey
Business & Data Analytics 
And Much, Much More.
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